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Experience cultural diversity with Zulu Culture Tours offered by Tim Brown Tours, and visit some of the remarkable cultural places in South Africa.

The Zulu people are probably one of the most interesting groups of people in the world, their Zulu culture is so rich and diverse that when you experience one of our Zulu Culture tours you just feel like you have been swallowed up into a whole new world!

Zulu Culture tours are a must if you come to visit South Africa and can only be done in our lovely province of KwaZulu Natal – The home of the Zulu people!

If you are not absorbed but the friendliness of the people you will be by the bead work, weaving, clay potting and the amazing song and dance that these Zulu people have within themselves.

One Zulu culture tours with Tim Brown tours you can expect to be entranced by the beauty of the Zulu People and the culture of the people of the Heavens!

Zulu Culture tours; Zulu dancing on our Durban day tour

Our Zulu culture tours no only focus on the singing and dancing of the Zulu people but also their history and their everyday of life routine. Over time with colonization things have changed but the core of the Zulu Culture is beating away!

Zulu culture tours; Zulu lady in traditional Zulu hut

Zulu culture tour; Zulu lady in traditional zulu hut

There are also many craft markets and lovely quaint restaurants with great views over the Valley of 1000 hills where the Zulus one chased the Idebe people into the mountains where they turned cannibalistic. The history of the Zulus in this area is very interesting and very different to the present day issues we experience with education and drug problems.

Zulu culture tours; Traditional Zulus dancing in the Valley of 1000 hills

Zulu culture tour; Traditional Zulus dancing in the Valley of 1000 hills

On Zulu Culture tours your will learn more about a Sangoma which is a fortune teller not as most people always say a witch doctor! In the below image you will see the Sangoma with her Wildebeest tail showing off her Zulu dance skills and Zulu song!

Zulu culture tours; Zulu Sangoma dancing with Wildebeest tail

Zulu culture tour; Zulu Sangoma dancing with Wildebeest tail

After watching some amazing Zulu dance and song we would be able to enter into a couple of the Zulus huts to learn more about how the Zulus live. The first hut is the Headman or Chiefs hut where only meeting and gatherings take place.

Men always sit on the right hand side for the protection of the ladies and men are right handed if they are born using their left hand they are forced to learn how to use the right. This is because there are no doors so by sitting on the right it is easier to pick up your spear with your right hand and throw it at the intruder at the door than to do it with your left hand.

Zulu culture tours; Zulu chief in traditional Zulu hut

Zulu culture tour; Zulu chief in traditional Zulu hut

In front of the chief you can see a wooden pillow, smoking pipe and Beer pot. All of thes are used traditionally in Zulu culture and smoking of Marijuana was aloud if you were above the age of 40 years.

Next we would entered into the cooking hut where we learn how the Zulu ladies prepare the food. There is a whole other hut for cooking which you can see in the first picture of this post.

In front of the lady of the home is a grinding stone for the refining of Maize which is the staple diet. There are 3 baskets one with Maize malt, ground Maize and Sorghum, these are the 3 basic ingredients of Umqombothi the traditional Zulu Beer. The pot with the downward facing grass bowl it the Umqombothi and the lid facing down like this shows up that there is Beer in the pot.

As you can see Zulu culture is really amazing and if you are coming to South Africa you need to visit Durban to taste this culture on Zulu Culture Tours with Tim Brown Tours.

There is nothing like learning about another culture and even more so when it is so deep like the Zulu culture tours we offer!